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You may have heard the following phrase spoken at MAS at some point over the years: "We don't give a lot of life-style advice". 

This is true. We've come to understand the abundance of available information and various qualified providers to offer it up, makes it easy for us to recognize our roles clearly: providers of access to top-notch, regular individualized acupuncture treatments.  And lots of them!

And while this is all the case, the current circumstances don't allow us to share in acupuncture together.  On top of that, there is immediate cause to think preventative health measures are of great importance to us, right?

We'll be writing here over the next few days to collectively share easy, non-expensive, practical food-related advice with the hopes of helping you stay well enough that you will not need western medical interventions in the near future.  We hope you find it useful.

We'll just drop the following here today:

Garlic, garlic, garlic! Strongly consider eating garlic daily if your digestion allows for it. Raw, roasted, in pesto (yum) as an ingredient in your favorite food - however you can find a way to ingest it, you're likely better for it due to its long-recognized anti-viral and anti-biotic properties.  Garlic is likely a good friend to us these days.

Apple cider vinegar and/or fermented foods like pickles, saurkraut and kimchee are also favorites of the MAS staff.  Rich in beneficial bacteria while also known as Liver tonics in Chinese medical theory.  A little a day is a great strategic use of these foods. 

More soon.


In addition, we'd also like to share the names of a handful of practitioners who are offering telemedicine consults for Chinese Herbal medicine, Western herbs, Naturopathic medicine and nutritional support, should you be looking for prescriptive guidance.

Dr. Laura Chan, ND, L.Ac. has extended a kind gesture to MAS patients by offering telemedicine consults with her with fees set on the MAS sliding-scale of $20-40. Dr. Chan offers prescriptions for Western herbs along with nutritional guidance and support as a Naturopathic doctor.  Reach her office at this secure email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nicole Maniez, L.Ac. - Our friend and POCA-colleague, is offering Chinese herbal consults while her community acupuncture clinic in Flemington, New Jersey is temporarily shuttered.  More info here.

Paul Mosier, L.Ac. is offering telemedicine consults for Chinese herbal medicine. Reach his office at (603) 213-6090.

Angela Lambert, ND, L.Ac. is also offering the same for Chinese herbal formulas as well as Naturopathic medical support and guidance. (603) 431-0128. 


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Making the decision to temporarily close the MAS clinics in Manchester & Nashua was a decision made in good conscience as it serves the public good to slow the transmission of COVID19, but comes with significant challenges ahead for the organization.  

Our staff have all been temporarily relieved of their duties in order to cut costs and preserve our resources so that MAS can be here long into the future. 

With all this written, MAS could use support right now.

Generous donations, suggestions and encouragement have already been offered.  Thank you!  This is a really big help to the organization. 

If you would like to take part, here are three ways to do it while our regular channels of revenue are on pause:

1) If you are able, donate directly.  Tax-deductible gifts can be made via Causevox or GoFundMe online, while a check is most welcome, as well. 

Mailing address

Manchester Acupuncture Studio
895 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03104

2) Purchase pre-paid treatments.  Yes, you can always pay for your treatments ahead of time. This would be an enormous help at this stage, in fact.

While we are looking forward to offering sales directly from this website, we aren't there quite yet. So, if you'd like to pre-pay for treatments, simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. making your request for the number of treatments you'd like to purchase and the total amount paid, on the sliding-scale of $20-40/treatment, naturally.  We will then send you an invoice from Paypal and you can pay with any major credit card or your Paypal account directly. We will make sure your credits are applied to your MAS account, no problem.

Alternately, a check could mailed to the clinic address above with the same information hand-written on a note, and we will update your credits accordingly.  

Your donations and purchases of pre-paid treatment packages are going directly to keep our ongoing expenses covered so that we can return to normal clinic operations as soon as possible. We will continue fundraising while we are temporarily closed.  

3) Share this web page with other friends, family and co-workers who know of MAS and may be interested to lend a hand.

Thank you for your choice to take part.


A couple of last things.  We encourage you to sign up for our pretty terrific newsletter (via the form at the bottom of every page on this website) or check this website regularly so that you can keep abreast of important clinic announcements, including updates about re-opening. We normally send out newsletters monthly.

If you'd like to keep up with MAS staff during the shutdown, please visit the MAS Facebook or Instagram pages. We'll be posting a steady stream of goodies to share in order to keep in touch and lighten the days ahead a bit. 

It is a challenging time for us all. Let’s continue to support one another. 

We'll miss seeing everyone in recliners and look forward to opening in Manchester & Nashua again soon.


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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

As of today (Friday March 13th at 3pm), we are closing Manchester Acupuncture Studio in Manchester & Nashua for a planned 2 weeks, until March 30th, in light of the COVID19/coronavirus epidemic.

We don’t take this decision at all lightly, as we know that many in our community rely on MAS for healthcare. We are closing because we take our mandate to protect community health seriously. Evidence all around the world shows that the best way to ensure that this epidemic threatens as few in our area as possible is to limit its spread through physical-distancing. As you all know, we are typically open 365 days a year (in Manchester, a few less each year in Nashua), barring major snowstorms. This is the only time we have closed the clinic for more than two days in a row in 13 years of operation. But playing a role in helping to “flatten the curve” of COVID19/coronavirus transmission is paramount at this time.

To be clear, we are not aware of any confirmed case of COVID19/coronavirus in our staff or patient community. We are doing this as a precaution and to follow public health advice to limit gatherings of people. We hope that our closing will be part of the momentum of people staying home to prevent a severe outbreak. If ours and others’ measures to encourage physical distancing are successful, we may never see COVID19 become as widespread and destructive as it is in other places.

In two weeks, we hope to be open, but we will be evaluating and assessing this situation as it continues. We thank you in advance for your support and patience, and look forward to seeing you when we open our doors again soon.

We will remain active on social media, so you can stay connected to the clinic. 

We hope that you all will stay connected to your communities and support networks in whatever ways you can, from a distance, and that you will reach out to local resources if you need support. 

Let’s stay connected, and get through this together.

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We’d like to share with you precautionary measures we are undertaking to ensure the health and well-being of our patients, staff and ultimately the vulnerable people in our region.  In addition, we offer links to helpful public health information. 

Thank you for your participation alongside our whole staff.

Most importantly, if you have symptoms of a cold, flu or diarrhea, please stay home and rest.  If you've had a fever within the last 48 hours, please stay home and rest. The main symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing and shortness of breath. Call your primary care physician if you’re in need of medical attention for these concerns. If you need to cancel your appointment due to illness, there will never be a charge here at MAS.

However, many of our patients present with common non-contagious/non-serious upper respiratory symptoms such as allergies, asthma or a lingering cough following a cold, and we will continue to offer treatment for these conditions as they do not pose a risk to others.

Please use hand sanitizer when you check in at the front desk and we ask for you to wash your hands on your way out of the clinic after treatment.  When washing your hands, please wash for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. 

In general, please do your best to avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and face with unwashed/non-sanitized hands in order to protect yourself.

Sources vary on the amount of space between people in which COVID-19 is likely transmittable: the World Health Organization says 3 feet, the Centers for Disease Control says 6 feet. Our recliners are all at least 3 to 5 feet apart. We have also created more space between recliners in Manchester & Nashua. Given this space provided, we consider our treatment spaces to be safe.

We continue to monitor notifications from the NH Dept. of Health & Human Services, Harvard Medical School and the CDC.


At the beginning, end and throughout each day, we sanitize surfaces throughout the clinic that are frequently touched such as door knobs, doors and faucets.

We are now laundering blankets after each use. If you are able to bring in your own clean sheet or blanket to place on a chair, we'd appreciate the hand lessening the laundry load.

If you are coughing for any reason, we will provide a mask for you to wear in the treatment room. We understand the cough may be from allergies, asthma, or even heartburn, but it will likely help alleviate concerns from others sharing the space.  Thanks for understanding.

Our mission has always been to offer acupuncture treatments to anyone who desires it, while keeping fees low. With your participation we can continue to serve the people who need us and keep our clinics a healthy and safe place for all. Thank you.

In closing, what can you do to limit the wide spread of this virus - or any cold or flu?

  1. Wash your hands often.

  2. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. 

  3. Avoid touching your face.

  4. If you have symptoms of a cold or flu, please stay home and rest.

 For more information, we offer the following trusted resources:

CDC Facts About COVID-19

FAQ by an Intensive Care and Infectious Disease Physician

American Society of Acupuncturists Covid-19 Fact Sheet

Business and Employer Guidelines

Harvard Medical School 

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With National Sleep Awareness Week in mind (March 8-14th, didn't you know!) we thought to highlight the long-held use of acupuncture as a reliable tool to improve upon one's quantity and/or quality of sleep.

While there are plenty of studies to show how acupuncture treatments can help improve sleep  - even as compared to medications, for the purposes of this post, we'd like to draw from our considerable observations at MAS clinics.

Along with reliable relief from physical pain, high stress and anxiety, improving one's sleep is among the most typical uses of acupuncture in our experience. So much so, insomnia sits on our list of no-brainer symptoms in our little Needles book.
In fact, unintended improvement in one's night of sleep is one of the more routine side-effects of acupuncture treatments.

Which is really great news considering the enormous number of people for whom a good night's sleep is frustratingly elusive. Even the Center for Disease Control has gone as far to call lack of sleep a 'public health epidemic'.

Whether trouble falling or staying asleep, caused by physical pain, endless thought-loops, hot flashes or sinus congestion, acupuncture will likely prove to be a helpful tool - and at MAS and other community acupuncture clinics, an affordable one.

Hot tip: Are your feet normally cold at night? If so, warming them up in bed may improve your sleep. We will often recommend a cheap and easy way to do this. Find yourself a hot water bottle (preferably with a soft fleece cover), fill it up (with hot water) just before bed and slide under your covers waaaay down at the foot of the bed. Your feet don't have to be touching it directly. That's it.  

You'll probably want to be consistent with the hot water bottle for a few nights in order to give yourself a chance to see changes. We hope it helps.

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As you've probably heard by now, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has landed in NH. It's not time to panic, but it's a good time to review what we can all do to reduce transmission of this and other contagious diseases. And it's a good reminder of how interconnected we humans are... we can help each other.

First and foremost, we ask you to stay home if you've got a fever, or chills or are vomiting. We do not, and never have, charged a fee for appointments cancelled because of illness –– even same day cancels. But we do ask that you give us a heads up. In light of COVID-19, if you're caring for someone who is sick, we suggest rescheduling your appointments until everyone is recovered.

Please be fever free for 48 hours before coming to MAS clinics for acupuncture, for the time-being.

Take care of yourself, and take precautions. They say those cheap paper masks don't work well to protect you from respiratory illness, but hand washing sure as heck does! Wash your hands. Get adequate sleep, eat nourishing foods, get some acupuncture. But Wash. Your. Hands. A recent study showed that washing ones hands five times a day reduces the likelihood of contracting a respiratory illness by 45%!

Be responsible to others. This includes staying home if you're sick. It includes coughing into your elbow or a tissue. If you're under the weather, or if you've been around someone who is, consider avoiding places where you might contact vulnerable people (kids, elders, immune-compromised folks), like daycare centers, nursing homes, and hospitals. 

What we're doing. We always have, and always will, wash our hands thoroughly before and after each client.  We're doing extra sanitizing. Our washing machines are running overtime. We pledge to stay home if we're sick. And we're keeping an eye on the NH Department of Health & Human Services for updates and recommendations.

Closing requests, in view of a possible pandemic: Check in with loved ones. Do not engage in xenophobia. Stay informed; avoid unreliable news sources. And support local and national efforts to enact universal health care. If some of us are left behind, we're all at risk.

With all that said, there's currently no reason to freak out. If you're feeling fine but a little stressed or sore, we hope to see you at the clinics. In fact, we depend on it.
So let's help each other through this unsettling time. Remember that regular acupuncture is an excellent immune-booster and stress reliever so we encourage you to come for treatment as part of staying healthy.

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For the annual NH Magazine Best of New Hampshire, of course.

It's that time of year to cast a ballot for your all of your favorite New Hampshire places.


Would you consider plugging Manchester Acupuncture Studio into last question on the ballot, #119?

This is a bonus question for New Hampshire favorites that do not fit into any listed category.


The ballot is a few pages, but do not fret as you only need to answer ten questions, one of them being #119.

Kindly submit by March, 13th.

Thanks a million for getting the word out about affordable acupuncture in New Hampshire.


           bestofnh 2020 1                  MAS logo with trans backg

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Our overwhelming focus at MAS is to remain a reliable source of affordable needle-naps, as often as we can make it happen for whomever seeks them out.  We keep all of our in-house systems as uncluttered as possible as well and in this spirit, we keep product sales to a minimum.  Frankly over the years we've learned frequent acupuncture treatments can make many pain-relief products unnecessary in the end.

However, many people have gotten a lot of use out of the few terrific products we do keep available; the Spring Wind Muscle and Joint Rub, Chinese Herbal Compresses, and lip balm among them.

Now that we're heading into the middle of winter, we thought we'd mention a new product on our shelves: Emily's Super Dry Skin Soother. If you're like us, you can find your elbows, hands or feet cracked and dry this time of year. Emily's Chinese herbal salves do a phenomenal job alleviating this and more stubborn situations like psoriasis and eczema.

Emily's is a local product developed by acupuncturist, Mike Arsenault of Ipswhich, Massachusetts.  He originally made this salve for his daughter. We've received a bunch of positive feedback in the few short weeks it's been available at MAS and wanted to highlight this shared experience. Thanks, Mike for making such a great line of products.










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As the year comes to a close we want to offer our gratitude to you, dear readers and clinic-goers.

Thank you for making MAS a part of your days and for taking acupuncture treatments in our recliners as one of the ways you take care of yourself.

Thank you for telling your friends, confidants and family about MAS and the benefits of acupuncture.  We certainly rely on our communities to spread the word about MAS clinics – thanks for all you do to support the clinics and get the word out about accessible acupuncture.

Thanks very much for writing positive online reviews for the clinics.  It is quite helpful. We appreciate this very much!

Thank you for your donations! This past year, many of you made donations in cash or in-kind. The clinic spaces are made more warm & personal with the inclusion of your art, your comfortable recliners and your plants passed on to all of us.  Our doors are open because of your offered financial support and we really can't say thank you enough. 

Thank you for yopur support




















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