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In The Absence Of Regular Acupuncture: Simple Acupressure for Relief of Neck & Shoulder Pain

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(Video demonstration with Elizabeth)

Shoulder pain and neck pain are some of the most common things we treat with acupuncture. It makes sense that we got a request on how to use acupressure for those issues. I admit that I’m spending extra time on my couch watching Netflix and it’s giving me shoulder and neck pain. My new favorite show is Kim’s Convenience, check it out.

There are different types of shoulder pain. This article is specifically focusing on shoulder pain that affects the shoulder blade directly. We are going to use two acupressure points on the pinky side of hand, Small Intestine 3 and Small Intestine 4. These two points are also effective for pain of the neck and back.

We are using the Small Intestine Channel because it runs up the outside of the arm and zig zags across the shoulder blade.

Small Intestine 3 is on the pinky side of your hand above your first knuckle. For those of us familiar with EFT, it's the 'karate chop' point.

You can easily locate Small Intestine 4 by traveling up the side of your hand just before you get to your wrist bone.

Press and rub these two points on the same side as your affected shoulder. You can alternate between the two points. If you have neck pain, gently turn your head from sides to side.  If you want to take this a step further, you can massage your shoulder blade with a foam roller or a tennis ball while you stimulate points SI 3 and SI 4 on the side of your hand.

By massaging your shoulder blade directly, you will be stimulating six or seven additional points on the Small Intestine channel. All of them are good for shoulder, upper arm, and elbow pain. They are also good for opening the chest and easing a cough with phlegm. Many of you have noticed by now that with acupuncture we commonly needle points that are opposite from where you may experience discomfort. If you are home right now with someone who has a cough, be sure to give them a back rub, especially on and in between the shoulder blades.

Give this a shot and let us know if it’s helpful. And, please keep the requests coming.

 - MAS acupuncturist Elizabeth Ropp


We all miss all of you! We hope to see you again and in good health.

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