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In the Absence of Regular Acupuncture: Preventative Thoughts and Telemedicine Opportunities

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You may have heard the following phrase spoken at MAS at some point over the years: "We don't give a lot of life-style advice". 

This is true. We've come to understand the abundance of available information and various qualified providers to offer it up, makes it easy for us to recognize our roles clearly: providers of access to top-notch, regular individualized acupuncture treatments.  And lots of them!

And while this is all the case, the current circumstances don't allow us to share in acupuncture together.  On top of that, there is immediate cause to think preventative health measures are of great importance to us, right?

We'll be writing here over the next few days to collectively share easy, non-expensive, practical food-related advice with the hopes of helping you stay well enough that you will not need western medical interventions in the near future.  We hope you find it useful.

We'll just drop the following here today:

Garlic, garlic, garlic! Strongly consider eating garlic daily if your digestion allows for it. Raw, roasted, in pesto (yum) as an ingredient in your favorite food - however you can find a way to ingest it, you're likely better for it due to its long-recognized anti-viral and anti-biotic properties.  Garlic is likely a good friend to us these days.

Apple cider vinegar and/or fermented foods like pickles, saurkraut and kimchee are also favorites of the MAS staff.  Rich in beneficial bacteria while also known as Liver tonics in Chinese medical theory.  A little a day is a great strategic use of these foods. 

More soon.


In addition, we'd also like to share the names of a handful of practitioners who are offering telemedicine consults for Chinese Herbal medicine, Western herbs, Naturopathic medicine and nutritional support, should you be looking for prescriptive guidance.

Dr. Laura Chan, ND, L.Ac. has extended a kind gesture to MAS patients by offering telemedicine consults with her with fees set on the MAS sliding-scale of $20-40. Dr. Chan offers prescriptions for Western herbs along with nutritional guidance and support as a Naturopathic doctor.  Reach her office at this secure email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nicole Maniez, L.Ac. - Our friend and POCA-colleague, is offering Chinese herbal consults while her community acupuncture clinic in Flemington, New Jersey is temporarily shuttered.  More info here.

Paul Mosier, L.Ac. is offering telemedicine consults for Chinese herbal medicine. Reach his office at (603) 213-6090.

Angela Lambert, ND, L.Ac. is also offering the same for Chinese herbal formulas as well as Naturopathic medical support and guidance. (603) 431-0128. 




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